Romantic Cape Cod





Cape Cod is known as a popular resort area in Massachusetts. As such, it is a large area that is perfect for sun, sand, and luxury. It has a great history that dates back to the Pilgrims and is full of interesting spots to check out with your loved one. Come explore the cape and fall in love.

Points Of Interest

Land’s End Inn

Literally at land’s end and within walking distance of the ocean perches the Land’s End Inn. The inn has amazing views of the ocean and is a historic point of interest. It has modern comforts mixed discretely in with the historic charm that it offers. Use the Inn as a romantic staging ground for your trip to Cape Cod, or just enjoy the view with your sweetheart and spend time by the ocean.

The Top 5 Cape Cod Restaurants

1. Captain Linnell House
2. Ocean House Restaurant
3. The Mews Restaurant & Cafe
4. Jimmy’s HideAway
5. Gerardi’s Cafe

Cape Cod Lighthouses

Cape Cod is home to many lighthouses, each with their own unique architectural style and history. The lighthouses certainly lend an air of romance to the landscape. An adventurous couple can make the rounds on the Cape and visit the lighthouses where with many of them you can take a tour and find out what it was like when the lighthouses were in use. “The winding staircases, the distant echo of your footsteps, waves hitting against the rock, distant ship hooting…that’s the dejavu you get when you visit the Cape Cod Lighthouses. It is as if you are part of the whole system that emits navigational lights to guide hundreds of ships to dock safely.” Experience the feeling with your loved one and make memories that are sure to be hard to forget.

Cape Cod Tours

The most noteable way to tour Cape Cod is by bicycle. You can bike the Cape Cod Rail Trail and take in all the beauty of the cape along the 22-mile trail and state and national parks to visit as you please. While biking about Cape Cod, some other sites to be sure to check out beyond the state and national parks include The Shining Sea Bikeway,
Race Point Beach, and Monomoy Island National Wildlife Refuge. The bike tour of course is self-guided so feel free to find the perfect picnic spot along the way to enjoy the New England coast with your love. If you prefer a guided tour there are a few great ones to choose from including a tour of a vinyard, a beer tour, and a tour of the tallest lighthouse in Cape Cod.

The Arts in Cape Cod

Being that the cape is a large area with many cities that all have a rich history, there are a lot of small museums and theaters to stop in to take in the arts. Some interesting places include: the Pilgrim Monument Museum, The Heritage Museum and Gardens (perfect for a stroll hand in hand), The Cape Cod Museum of Natural History, The Chatham Orpheum Theater and The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. The Cape Cod area also has some pretty interesting historic house museums to visit with your love. Some of the more interesting museums in the area to visit include John F. Kennedy Hyannis Museum, Whydah Pirate Museum, Sandwich Glass Museum, and the Edward Gorey House. There are a few galleries to view with your sweetheart and perhaps bring home your own work of art that will forever remind you of your romantic getaway. We recommend stopping by the Coastal Craft Gallery, Sandwich Artisans and West Barnstable Tables for a unique art experience.

Cape Cod Sports

While Cape Cod is home to many amateur sports teams ranging from basketball, to baseball, to hockey, it is best known for Angler sport-fishing. For the pair that is more inclined to enjoy fish in a restaurant rather than the challenge of catching their own on a charter boat, I suggest you look into the college and amateur teams in the area to enjoy a game with your loved one. Otherwise, get out there and enjoy a high-seas adventure with your sweetheart and see who can catch the biggest fish.

Unique Dates

Cape Cod is full of unique date experience opportunities. Take your love on a bike ride through the area and be sure to pick the perfect picnic spot. While out, take in the sight of one of the beautiful lighthouses and seascapes of the area. If you are less of an outdoorsy couple, there are still some great antique shops to stop in, including
Sandwich Antiques Center, Treasures of Cape Cod, and
Windsong Antiques, that offer the perfect opportunity to dig through history together and find a great memento for your romantic getaway.