Romantic San Francisco

San Francisco and the thought of romance have long been associated with each other. From songs like “I Left My Heart In San Francisco” to the dulcet sounds of a trolley bell, Romance rings through the air. Take a look at the best places to visit to make sure your romantic trip is unique and memorable.

Points Of Interest

Alcatraz Island

If you are looking for a reason to snuggle up to your sweetheart, while a bit unconventional as a romantic spot, Alcatraz Island is a point of interest in the area. While no longer playing host to prisoners, it has been known to be haunted. This spot is great for the history loving romantic pair as they offer tours of the island and recount the history of this famous landmark.

The Top 5 San Francisco Restaurants

1. Atelier Crenn
2. Aurea
3. Cafe Claude
4. Gitane
5. Gary Danko

Golden Gate Bridge

One of the most iconic landmarks of San Francisco is the Golden Gate Bridge, however that doesn’t make it any less romantic. A tour of the bridge can be had by bicycle and car, but a leisurely stroll hand in hand might be the best way to see it. Be sure to snap plenty of pictures for memories for years to come in this landmark spot.

San Francisco Tours

There are many places to visit in the San Francisco area, but the best way by far to visit them all is of course by cable car. What trip to the city would be complete without a nostalgic ride on a cable car and a fine dinner at one of the many restaurants in the area? Go for broke and be sure to visit one of the many beaches in the area before taking the cable cars about the city.

If you like the tours the cable cars give and feel the urge to visit more with your sweetheart, but sure to take tours of the Napa valley and its many wineries along the way.

Other tours to keep in mind that are perfect for the seagoing couple are the many boat tours of the bay. One particular cruiseline, Hornblower Cruises and Events, even offers dinner and a cruise where you can get lost in the romantic setting of the bay.

The Arts in San Francisco

sanfranciscoThere are many unique places to visit in San Francisco, but if you are looking for a bit of culture beyond scenery, check out one of their fine museums. The De Young museum is a sight to see. What nicer place for a stroll with your loved one while appreciating the beauty of art?

For the perfect backdrop to your photos, visit the Palace of Fine Arts where you can find many a bride and groom posing for their wedding photos.

If your taste in a place is more of the organic variety, there is a wonderful botanical garden to visit in the area. The garden offers California native and exotic plants from around the world and is the perfect place for a romantic picnic while surrounded by nature.

For those that are looking for more of a musical cultural experience, San Fancisco also boasts an opera, a symphony and a ballet that are of note.

San Francisco Sports

San Francisco is home to many professional sports teams including the Giants and the San Francsico 49ers. If sports are your passion and you would like to share it with a special someone, they have you covered.