Romantic Milwaukee

Fall in love in Milwaukee. Believe it or not, Milwaukee can be a very romantic getaway destination. From a relaxing and intimate stay at a B&B such as the Brumder Mansion to taking in some culture and visiting one of the many museums in the area, there is plenty to do and much to experience. There are many fine dining establishments to kindle the romance, but if your tastes run more towards a romantic picnic, Milwaukee boasts a beautiful lake-shore experience on the sandy beaches of Lake Michigan.

When taking a walk about the city, there are many romantic points of interest and things to do, such as strolling along the river-walk on foot or by kayak or taking advantage of the boat tours that are offered. Throughout the spring and summer months, there are concerts in the parks and many festivals to enjoy with your loved one.

Points Of Interest

The Brumder Mansion B&B

There are many places to stay in Milwaukee when visiting, however one of Milwaukee’s jewels is the Brumder Mansion on W. Wisconsin Avenue. This is definitely one of Milwaukee’s most romantic inns. It features historic charm with modern amenities, such as its jacuzzi hot tubs. It not only leaves a person feeling relaxed and welcome, but offers the opportunity to take in a local play in the basement theater.

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The Top 5 Milwaukee Restaurants

1. Harbor House
2. Bartolotta’s Lake Park Bistro
3. Mason Street Grill
4. Milwaukee Ale House
5. Mader’s

Milwaukee Riverwalk and Lake-shore

One of the more romantic aspects of Milwaukee is its waterfront. It has many rivers that run through the city as well as ample space on the shore of Lake Michigan. The lake-front offers many opportunities to peacefully watch the tide roll in or to soak up the sun on the sandy beaches. It also boasts an area for flying kites and a frozen custard stand or two.

If you decide to walk hand in hand down the river-walk, be sure to keep an eye out for the Bronze Fonz statue. You can rent kayaks to go boating on the river as well as take one of the boat tours offered.

Milwaukee Tours

Beyond the boat tours of the river in Milwaukee, there are many breweries that offer tours of their facilities. Among some of the better tours offered is the Lakefront Brewery tour. It is just the right size of brewery to visit without losing its personal touch. The food and beer tasting are well worth the visit.

The Arts in Milwaukee

The arts are alive and well in Milwaukee. From large, historic theaters like the Pabst Theater, where you can see concerts and plays to small intimate theaters like the Brumder Mansion, Milwaukee has a lot to offer. Beyond the theaters here there are many museums of note as well, such as the Milwaukee Arts Museum and the Milwaukee Public Museum. If your tastes run more towards nature, visit Milwaukee’s Domes.

Milwaukee Sports

Milwaukee also boasts a very nice baseball stadium and his home to the Brewer’s baseball team. It is the perfect city to visit, catch a game and make memories with your loved one on your special day.