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Paint each other

Even if you are not an artist, you'll have a blast trying to paint each other. Remember to strike a pose and also wear something that paint can wash out of easily.



Game together

A recent poll showed that women are increasingly becoming more involved in the gaming community. So, why not game together online? Just remember that you and your date should be on the same team.



Make waffles together

We can't think of anything better than mixing up a batch of waffles with your date the morning after. Be sure to use each of your favorite fruits and syrups. The spreads may taste even better if you put them on each other, but that's up to you.



Go parachuting together

Are you both brave? Go for a nice parachute jump together. Many local airports out in the countryside offer four hour training classes as a primer. Remember to hold hands on the way down!


Have a private picnic

After an afternoon of shopping, impress your date with an impromptu high class picnic. A wicker basket, white linen, fruits, cheese and a bottle of Pinot should do the trick.


Play scrabble

Indulge your interest in word games and play scrabble together. Give each other bonus points for spelling words that specifically relate to love. This may seem cheesy, but it's very effective.


Do a crossword puzzle together

It can be very romantic sharing quiet cerebral time together that involves the morning paper's crossword puzzle. Just make sure to brew up your favorite coffee or tea. And, remember to ask each other for help when you are stumped. This is something you can do everyday - especially if you live together. * * *