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Draw love notes in the sand

Go to a beach and write love messages in the sand. When the tide comes in and erases them, start over again. At sunset you can retire to a warm blanket and create some memories that the tide won't erase.


Go to a fundraiser

Rent a tux and get out that formal dress, you two! Then, head to a fundraiser for the charity of your mutual interest. You'll not only have a romantic time, but will be endorsing a great cause, too.



Hang out at a gazebo

Make it an old school date and spend time together in a gazebo at a nearby park. After all, maybe it's time to bring courting back. There's something unmistakably romantic about the courting process.


Go food shopping together

Don't just show up for a romantic dinner. Try offering to shop for it with your date. You will be surprised how much fun you will have picking out the ingredients together. As an added benefit, you will know exactly what's in your meal.


Volunteer at an animal shelter

If you both love animals spend a weekend volunteering at the local animal shelter. Who knows? You just might find pets worth taking home – each other!


Get ice cream

Ice cream on a summer evening is very romantic and is not solely in the domain of the little ones. There will be a lot of kids there for sure, but dating is about being a kid again in many ways, and ice cream evokes that.


Play softball together

Grab a mitt and softball and call your date for an afternoon at the local diamond. Make a goal to arrange a co-ed game with others. Don't forget beer goes well with softball.


Pray together

There's nothing that can't be shared on a date, spirituality included. If, in fact, you both share the same beliefs - then, make it a date and go pray together. Perhaps your maker will reward you with more romance to come. Amen to that! * *