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Have breakfast in bed

Nothing says romance like a tray of pastries and coffee in bed. It makes you want to stay in bed all day, and sometimes that's exactly what happens!




Channel surf together

Stay up late and see who can find the dumbest thing on TV and explain why. Then see if you can wrestle the remote away from each other. The point is to fall into each others arms before the show actually begins and have something better do to when it is on.


Remodel together

Both have a lot going on in terms of home repairs? Team up and make a date out of that painting project. You might be surprised how rewarding taking a break can be.


Make your own movie

Get a video camera and make your own movie together. Act like it is a classic. Now, we're not talking Paris Hilton-esque (unless you are, of course.) Enjoy sitting back and watching it together.


Lighten it up with candles

Deck out your place in candles and then overwhelm your date with the glowing ambiance. Keep in mind, you'd better be close to one another to be able to pull this date off. This will definitely send the signal that it's time to take things to a new level.



Slow dance the night away

Invite him or her over to your place. Play your favorite slow songs and dance the night away in each other's arms. Does it get any more romantic?


Challenge a pretend fight

Invite your date to a fight at your place. When they get there, tell them to put up there dukes. Also remind them there is the 'boxer shorts only' rule.


Take black and white photos of each other

Indulge in your sense of timeless beauty and take period black and white stills of each other. Aim for formal poses that might illicit a laugh later. Then spend an evening downloading them and seeing how dramatic you can make them using your favorite photo editing software. * *