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Wrestle in the yard

On a nice day, why not simply hang out and wrestle in the green lawn? Get some good old fashion grass stains on your knees and you just might have a reason to change clothes later on. You might even change clothes together.


Dance in flower fields

Dates can never be too corny. Find a countryside meadow of flowers and have a dance in the middle of it. Make a bet on who can last the longest. Just make sure you've got your allergy medicine handy.


Spike the punch

Find yourself at a stifling social occasion with teetotalers? Bring a pint of gin and spike the punch bowl, then have a good laugh. Warning - you might only be able to do this once, be prepared if you're not asked to return to that social event in the future.


Go for a bike ride

Into motorcycles? – take him or her for a nice cruise on the back of one. Be sure to get rid of any “If you can read this the b--- fell off” stickers. Wear a helmet, too – safety is always first when it comes to dating.


Dress Cool

What better way to have a cool and trendy time than to hang out in cool digs at a cool place? Just people watching can sometimes be the best date there is. That is, providing you are both neither too cool or not cool enough.


Drink with each other's friends

If you want it to last, sooner or later you'll have to have a few drinks with his or her friends. This can be a very fun date. Remember though, who you came in with and make sure to leave with them, too.



Celebrate Valentine's Day early

It doesn't have to be Valentine's Day to celebrate your Valentine. Give a big heart of chocolates and make your Valentine's day. They'll love you for it.

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