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Bake cookies

Women, convince your man to come over and share a culinary hand in the kitchen as you bake pastries for the holidays. Enjoy the sweet confections as you enjoy the sweet confections of your romance. You will find you will be close together, having fun and enjoying the sweetness as much as you enjoy each other.


Go Fly Fishing

Even if you are not really into fishing, it is simply a fun thing to do with someone else. Go to a local sporting goods store, get your license in order, grab a couple reels and rods and seek the advice of a fisherman. Not only will you learn something, but you will explore some very nice nature scenery together such as a beautiful river or lake. Even if the fish aren't biting, your romance will.

Explore a ghost town

There's nothing more romantic than going for some nice exploration. A ghost town is the perfect place. Do a search on the net for ghost towns and pack a lunch. Many of them offer nice tours and fun filled adventure. Hey, if you get scared, don't be afraid to hold onto your partner. After all, that is the whole idea.


Admire the city lights

Is your town or city having a lit up night for some reason? If so, go out on a high elevation with all the other romantic hearts and take in the beauty of the great American city you happen to call home. Then take in the beauty of each other.


Go to a museum

Romance dovetails with many things and intellectual stimulation is no different. So look up a museum in your area, take the digital camera and your romantic interest. Spend the afternoon learning about art, each other and romance. Remember that it all has to happen in your mind, before it can happen at all.

Go to a convention together

This may seem a bit out of the ordinary but we are not talking bout a convention on paper products. How about a convention on boats and cards or a home and garden show? This can be incredibly entertaining and a fun-filled way to spend a day. Plus, you get a lot of freebies, too.


Go mountain climbing

Get out the gear and boots and bring a lunch. It is time to head out for the mountains. Try to get to the top by sunset and enjoy a moonlight conversation, camp out for the night, and come down the mountain the next day. Think of Jack and Jill going up the hill… Did they ever say what happened when they got to the top? Not really, but it involved a lot more than a pale of water... It involved dating romance.


Go high end shopping

This idea might be a little pricey, especially if you have a date that has expensive tastes. Just balance the check book before any date where you might be required to drop some serious cash and credit. The last thing you want is for a card to decline when she rings up her Monolos! Otherwise, shop to your heart's content. * * *