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Dinner with friends

Hosting a dinner with some friends can be a very romantic idea. For one thing, it will be relaxed and very social. For another, it is a great way to get really comfortable with each other if you are still fresh as a dating couple. Remember to only invite friends you feel exceptionally close with and ones with which you will have the most in common.


Get a map and go exploring

Get yourself a map that lists especially scenic or out of the way places – such as shipwrecks on the coast or old lighthouses. Then, go exploring with each other following your map from one romantic place to the next.


Have a picnic

Grab a table cloth, a bottle of wine and head to the nearest park and simply sit back and enjoy the beauty of a gorgeous summer day as well as each other. Bring along some magazines or good books and soak it all in.


Build a tree house

Call her up and tell her to wear her worst pair of jeans. Go to your backyard or someplace in the woods. Bring along enough timber and attempt to build a tree house. When you are finished, make out in it, or simply tell stories about your childhood to each other.


Fly by the city in a Helicopter

Look in your local phone directory for helicopter rides and take a scenic tour of the nearest city. Be sure to bring along a camera and willingness to explore not only the sites, but also each other. This can be a fun, action packed activity that will make for some great photos and memories.


Go Skydiving

This involves a little bravery on both parts but if you can muster up the courage, the adrenaline rush will be something you will never forget. If you both are new to it, look for some training courses in your area. Usually, they last four hours or so and an instructor can even dive with you if you find you are the timid type. These romantic memories, however, will last a lifetime.


Go on an eco tour

Do both of you enjoy nature? Find a local travel directory of things to do in your area's countryside. It can be canoeing or taking a walk along a nature trail. Chances are you should be within 25-miles of some great natural habitat worth exploring. The key is to explore each other while you explore nature. * *