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Smell the flowers

Get out there and enjoy the beauty of spring in full blossom. There is no better way to do this then to go to a florist with your beau or simply take a nice stroll in a botanical park. Just make sure you smell as nice as the flowers do because you never know when the nose will turn your way.


Go to a microbrewery

Microbrews can be every bit a sophisticated and romantic time as attending a wine sipping festival – just without all the wine snobs. Plus, you can never go wrong with good beer. Good beer and a good romance is a match made in heaven.



Interrupted by a kiss

Before you lover even has a chance to finish their sentence, why not plant a surprise kiss on them?  This can be incredibly sexy and romantic.  It shows that you are overwhelmed with love and romance is in the air; that mere words are not on par with the urge to connect with a kiss. 


Crash a wedding

Okay, don’t go overboard like the in the movie Wedding Crashers, but why not get dressed up and walk in a wedding? Make sure to have a glass of champagne and do the chicken dance before you leave. However, be classy and leave a decent tip in the gift card basket. This is almost like when you were a kid and you have to double dare someone to have a good time.



Have a light, yet romantic lunch

Want to go a little easy on the pocket book? Avoid fancy restaurants at night and go when the entrées are a bit cheaper, like during lunch time. You will still look every bit as sophisticated and a big spender, but your pocketbook will be just as happy as your romance is when the date is over.

Movie time

Nothing is sill more romantic than actually plunking down the money and going to see a movie in a brick and mortar establishment.  Yes, Netflix might be good for families, but not quite up to the task when it comes to courting someone for real.  So, go take your beau to see a romantic film at a local movie theater.  For a kicker, go to a movie theater that occasionally shows the classics like Casablanca and not just the new commercial fare.  For the newer generation, you probably don't even know what Casablanca is all about.  Go find out, and then go see it with your date.  Impress them with you knowledge of romance movie magic. 

Work out together

Are both of you gym rats? Then make a date of actually pumping some iron together or to hop on the stair steppers with each other. You might even consider a game of racquetball. The point is you are not only working yourself into better shape but also your romance as well. * * *