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Share some red wine

Take turns picking our your favorite bottle of red, get together, sit back on a sofa and just hang out while you savor the taste. After all, like Sinatra crooned, it is "the days of wine and roses."

Savor each and every one of them.

Light some candles and talk

Sometimes less is more and the less light the better. Think of ambiance when you light up a bunch of candles and sit down for a nice talk. Don't just put votives all over the hardwood floor with only a thin blanket. They only do that in Hollywood films. Plus, romance on hardwood is tough on the knees and the arms!


Go Skiing

Is it cold up your way? Well, nothing beats a little excursion to the slopes to make a great date. Hey, even if you live down South, take a plane ride to Telluride, Colorado and get some good skiing in. Afterwards, when you are chilled to the bone warm up your romance next to the fireplace. Need to date on a budget? Forget the skiing trip – go buy a sled at Wal-Mart and find a hill.

You can still do the romance thing when you're done!


Go mountain biking

Rent some mountain bikes or blow the dust off the ones in the garage and head out for the trails. Visit your State's official website for resources on where the best trails are located in your area. This is great way to be active and romantic all at the same time. Remember, when you are in the woods and nobody is around, it is perfectly expected to have a little break from bike riding and switch to other forms of, eh, riding.

Just don't get caught!

Text that you are ready

This romance tip involves a little trust, too, because you never know where any kind of sexy picture of you might end up (think, anywhere possible with the internet).  But, for those of you who are brave and trustful enough of your lover, there is nothing that will get the romance sparks flying faster than sending them a hot text while when they are at the office. They'll be surprised when they flip open their cell phone and find a text message picture of you in next to nothing while they are sitting there bored to death in a meeting. 

The risk is great, but so is the romantic reward.


Take a weekend trip together

Nothing can be more romantic than a fun-filled three-day weekend.  The idea is to go somewhere you can drive to.  No matter where you live, you might be surprised at all the romantic getaways within a four hour drive in the car.  In the northeast, you can stay at a seaside cottage.  In the Midwest, drive to Chicago.  In the South, Florida beckons.  The point is to do it by throwing everything into two suitcases only and then throwing caution to the wind.  Avoid the rigmarole of the airport. 

Explore the country and you explore each other. Do this, and you might not ever come back.


Browse the net together – in bed

Hop up in the bed in the morning, brew up a fresh pot of your favorite coffee and browse the laptop together for the day's news or the last sale you both might check out. Visit your favorite entertainment sites or send funny emails to your friends.

If things go right, things might go from the electronic laptop to each others.

Explore sensual foods

The right food choices can surely ratchet up the romance mood.  One of the all time classics is the strawberries dipped in chocolate.  This winning combination will surely set the romantic mood.  They are easier to make than you think. 

Go buy an 8 oz. milk chocolate bar (pick a good one, Hershey's comes to mind). Nuke it in 15-second intervals until the chocolate is melted.  8 oz. will cover about 12 - 15 medium strawberries. 

Use any leftover chocolate on yourselves. * * *