Great Romantic Ideas -


7 Romantic Ideas -

Have an intellectual discussion

Maybe the two of you are more on the intellectual side. If so, schedule a date where you are each given the same topic and day or two to research beforehand. Then get together and have an intellectual discussion on the topic. Don't make it a heated debate. After all, you aren't married yet.


Decorate a room

Here is a sly way to have fun and leave the options open as to exactly how much. Invite your date over to help decorate since you are impressed with their impeccable taste. And, when it comes time to decorating the bedroom, you are already where you want to be. After all, your date will be in your bedroom or vice versa. Decorating may seem of secondary importance at that point.



Help kids with an art project

Why not volunteer to help a local elementary school with art or science projects? This is a good way to have fun and get a little messy at the same time. If either of you have kids, then this is a great way for them to get to know your new dating partner.



A canoe ride

Is there anything more romantic than a lazy canoeride along a tranquil river? If so, there's not much else better. The idea here is to avoid white water rapids. This is grand way to get out in nature and enjoy the lovely scenery and intimate moments in wide open places.


Go cheer for a mutual friend

Do you either of you have any mutual friends that have kids in sports? Or, do you know someone that plays sports? Well, go cheer them on together and you will have tons of fun in the process. This one has the ice breaker built right in, because you can talk about your friend as a neutral subject.



Learn to polka

Get in touch with the old world. Learn how to polka or do some other cultural dance still prevalent in your area. Not only will you presumably learn about other cultures, you will have a great time with your date as well as learn how to dance like they did in the old world.


Attend a local stage production

Don't discount the entertainment value of your local stage theater. This is a major step up from the movies, if you ask us. However, you both have to enjoy this sort of thing. Don't think you have to see a Broadway show to get the full effect. Local theater is very compelling. You'll be immersed in the show, and with each other as well. * * *