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Shoot some pool

Why not get together at the local pub with the idea of playing a little pool? The nice thing is you get some great looks at the other person when they have to lean a little over the green for a tough shot (but you didn't read about that here).


How about bowling

Bowling is a fun way to stay out late. Alleys are becoming more and more social and hip places to go, so don't picture the dirty bowling alleys of yesterday. Yes, there will be kids, but you can always hide away from them and plus you get to stay out all night. And now (hopefully) you don't have to worry about your parents wondering where you are.



Vegas anyone?

If you want to splurge on a date, invite them to a weekend of gambling on your dime in Vegas. You never know how lucky you might get. There are also some convenient drive thru chapels there, if you are feeling really adventurous. Do we hear wedding bells?



Horseback riding

Hey why not hop up into the old saddle and head out on a scenic tour? Try to get behind the pack a little so you and your date can do some good "talking" as you head on down the trail.



Play frisbee

There is nothing better to do on a nice day than to go to the park and toss the old frisbee around; especially if you want to go easy on the pocketbook. You could probably pick up a frisbee at any local dollar store for, er, a dollar. Have fun!



See a sporting event

Go buy tickets to a local sporting event. In fact, show you're into a little different than simply the normal games like basketball, football and baseball. Go see a horse jumping competition, or something. Now that's different.



Go to the Zoo

When is the last time you went to the zoo? This is a great social date that is both interesting and creates a lot of moments for bonding and great conversation. Just don't feed the lions too close. Also, don't spend all your time monkeying around.


Ride the bus together

Do some urban exploring and go take a public bus ride together. Perhaps get a day pass so you can jump on and off to your hearts delight. Just don't wander too far into some rough neighborhoods and always make sure you have enough change for your partner. You don't want to have to walk them home. * * *