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... and find out what the future holds for your heart.
Love? Heartache? Despair? Ecstasy?
Which will it be?

Psychic Medium Lori can help you
find the answers your heart seeks.



I enjoy working with families and children to help parents understand their gifted child’s needs. One of my gifts is working with children to help them understand what is happening in their lives, and to help them feel safe.


I connect to loved ones on the other side by reading energy, working with spirit guides and spiritual helpers. This allows me to help give closure to questions the family may have. Sometimes the greatest gift can just be for me to connect the family on this side with the family on the Other Side so that they can say “Hi, I love you.”

Life Coaching:

By combining all my gifts I help people find and follow with their life path … by healing, helping and coaching. This allows people to move forward in life comfortably without fear. Whether the focus is on love, money, job, relationships, gambling, or any other stresses in life, I can help guide you.

Mediumship Demonstrations
(Live Audience readings):

I enjoy working with the public to demonstrate to people that there is a possibility of an afterlife and that we can communicate with our loved ones, and with spirit. Generally, select (if not all) audience members will receive 3-8 minute messages.


Readings are available in person, by phone (virtual) or by email. You can also become a
psychic social butterfly by hosting Psychic Lori, reading at your own private House Party.

Please pick from one of the options listed below:

• Personal Appointments and Phone Readings:

   Send me an email:
   Please, include three date/time options. I will get back to you within 24 hours.
   You may also reach me by telephone:  (920) 615-4646

• Email Readings:

   You will receive 1-2 paragraphs at 12 pt font per question.
   Please note, the turn-around time is 2-5 days.

• Individual Readings by Phone:

   30 minutes – $60
   60 minutes – $110
   90 minutes – $175

• Mediumship Demonstrations (live audience):

Events are typically customized. Please, contact me so that we can tailor
my appearance to suit the requirements of your specific event.

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