Romantic Moments -


7 Romantic Moments -

Georgina and Steve

Georgina and Steve have had always had a flair for hot salsa dancing. They took classes together last year and have been partners ever since.

"He would purposely work it so I was always dancing with him," said Georgina.

If it works, it works. Now that's hot.

Mickey and Marcel

Both divorced and single parents, Mickey and Marcel met at an after school program where they dropped their kids off before work. It wasn't long that they discovered that not only were their kids the best of friends, but so were they.

Way to go, Mickey and Marcel. The apple never falls too far from the romance tree.

Tom and Jennifer

Tom and Jennifer are both PhD students at MIT. Not only do they have big brains, but big hearts as well.

"Tom would help me with all my thesis work, but one day he asked me to come over and hear about this theory he came up with. His theory was that we should be married."

Now that is using your brain, Tom.

Keith and Sarah

Keith and Sarah in Boise, ID, have been dating for years. When their best friends were finally married, they decided it was time they tied the knot, too.

"He was so very patient and cute," recalled Sarah. "He acted like he was rehearsing our friends proposal, but then I could tell he was serious when he asked me to marry him."

Well done, Keith. Long live your romance!

Robert and Bessie

Robert and Bessie both owned stores adjacent to each other at a little strip mall in Sacramento, CA. He owned a fish and tackle store, while she had a beauty saloon.

"He was always acting goofy to get my attention," she said. "When he threw me an imaginary line – I finally bit."

You might say she fell for him hook, line and sinker!


Cathy and Tim

Cathy and Tim met in Silver Springs, MD. They were part of a class project to pool money for an investment club. As a gift, Tim bought Cathy a piggy bank. Not only did he put in the first piece of change, he put in the first romantic gesture by doing so.

Love is an investment that has big returns. Tim knows that.

Chris and Isabella

Chris and Isabella met on spring break in Daytona, FL. Their respective schools were thousands of miles apart, but amidst the partying, they decided to escape for some long walks on the beach to watch the sunset together. Now, they communicate by email and plan to meet up again soon.

Chris knows that romantic moments are the best when they are special and different.

Chris did a great job at separating himself from the rest. Good job at creating great romantic moments.