Romantic Moments -


8 Romantic Moments -

Jason and Kelly

Jason and Kelly met being lifeguards. They claim their romance developed naturally by watching so many sunsets together.

"After a while, a sunset wasn't complete without her."

Now the sun rises on their romance. We commend them on their beach-based romantic moments.

Roger and Sheila

Roger and Sheila from Maine have seen it all. Both are widows, they claim their romance started when a close mutual friend passed away. Then they began dating each other.

"I thought the most romantic thing was when Roger said he would play bridge with me following the passing of our friend. I thought that was very romantic."

Way to go, Roger. Even though a friend has passed, you are keeping romance alive.


Eric and Emily

Living on a small farm in rural Midwest farm, Eric and Emily have been married for over 13 years. Eric claims the most romantic time they have ever shared involved hiding from a "Twister" in a tornado shelter he built. It was just the two of them for over 6 hours. When they emerged, the farmhouse was gone but a great romance was born.

Frank and Melissa

Frank and Melissa from St. Louis, MO, have been married for over 25 years. She describes her most romantic time with Frank was their tenth anniversary vacation, which they took to Paris.

"He promised to love me forever," she said. "Looks like he meant it."

Way to go Frank. You'll always have Paris.

Arnold and Janice

This couple has been living the romance dream in Charlotte, NC, ever since Arnold moved into Janice's apartment building.

"I dropped a bag of oranges down the steps and my Arnold dropped all of his laundry chasing them."

He may have missed the oranges, but he caught himself a romance. What a nice romantic moment.


Stan and Sarah

While both living just outside of Cleveland, OH, each day Stan and Sarah would walk the same part of this park. Soon they were aware they were on the same romance schedule. One day, Stan saw her playing in the fall leaves and so he joined her. They have been playing together ever since. Cheers to their romantic moment.

Wendy and Keith

Wendy and Keith in San Antonio, TX, have been best friends for years, but things finally escalated when Wendy broke up with her long term boyfriend and Keith was there to console her.

"I wanted her to know that I would always be there for her as a friend and as whatever."

Well "whatever" turned out to be a great romance. You never know when opportunity will knock to create a great romantic moment.

Gretchen and Bill

Gretchen and Bill have been running on the beaches of Clearwater, FL, for months before they noticed they share the same passion for sun and exercise.

"I forgot my suntan lotion one day and there he was with a bottle asking me if I wanted to borrow some. The catch was he had to be the one to put it on."

Very bold. Very romantic. A wonderful moment created.