Romantic Moments -


7 Romantic Moments -

Quincy and Barbara

Quincy and Barbara run a little motel on Bora Bora. Barbara took a vacation there by herself to get over a particularly bad break up. There, she was consoled by Quincy and before she knew it, she was helping him run the place. Since then, there is "no vacancy" in their romance department.

George and Ashley

Both George and Ashley are managers of rival real estate firms, they then met when their firms merged. They discovered they both not only had a passion for real estate, but also their romance.

"He seemed to want to train me more than was even required," she blushed. "I think he just wanted to be around me."

We can see why. This merger seems to have been based on romance.

Mark and Grace

Mark and Grace who have been dating for two years and enjoy nothing better than laying on their backs and watching the clouds. They say they have the most beautiful skies where they live in Iowa.

"My friends used to tease me because they knew all I did was lay on my back with Mark," she laughed. "Then I told them how we love to watch the clouds together laying on the lawn, and now they understand."

And that is where their romance belongs – in the clouds.


Jill and Il-Chul

There's no shortage of romantic spots in the great city of San Francisco, CA. Il-Chul met Jill on the Golden Gate Bridge after her car ran out of gas. He waited with her till help arrived, in the meantime they enjoyed a sunset from the bridge. Now, their romance has a full tank of gas. Great romantic moment!

Rick and Nancy

Rick and Nancy are wedding planners from Vermont. They got so into their work that eventually they decided to marry each other – that was almost ten years ago.

"How do two wedding planners plan each others weddings?" smiled Nancy. "It's all about compromise. He put my name in the book for the following month and that was it."

Their romance has been bliss ever since.

Steve and Jan

Steven met Jan on a sight-seeing tour in Chicago, IL. They both discovered they have relatives from the same town back in Poland. They went on a tour together in Poland and now they tour everywhere together.

"The most romantic thing was how he just showed me everything. It was so important to him that I had a great time."

Their romance is not simply out of this world, but 'old world', too. We like that combo. Congratulations!

Miriam and John

Miriam and John from Rhode Island have always shared a good sense of humor. It helps, and after being married for 30 years and raising 4 kids, they are thankful.

"John made me laugh from day one and still does to this day," she said. "That's what makes our romance so special."

Laughter is a necessity. It is the seasoning of all great romances.