Romantic Moments -


8 Romantic Moments -

Stan and Lakisha

Stan and Lakisha have been dating for three years steadily now, ever since they met as undergrads at Seton Hall University.

"I was really taken aback when he offered to do my biology homework," Lakisha told us. "I knew he was really interested in helping me. He was so sweet. Nobody had offered me help like that before."

Way to go, Stan. A little cordiality went a long way to enhance your romantic moment.

Dan and Lisa

Lisa and Dan almost never were because Dan's car broke down on his way to their first date. He didn't have a cell phone at the time. She lived in the country.

"I thought he stood me up and I was pretty upset," she recalled, blushingly. "It was raining outside too, which intensified my anger. An hour and a half later he showed up soaking wet. He walked the whole way."

Congratulations, Dan, for going the extra (romantic) mile - literally!

Sally and Bobby

Sally met Bobby at a Ukrainian heritage dance in New Jersey. They were both here starting new lives in America and both still held close to relatives back in the Ukraine.

"I think I knew Bobby had a thing for me when I was low on money and didn't have enough for my ticket to make it home for the holidays. He bought a ticket for me. When I showed up for the flight, he was right next to me. We have been flying together ever since, now as husband and wife."

A timeless romantic moment - well done.

Darren and Mickey

Darren fell in love the minute he saw Mickey. It was in 1978 at Muskingum College in Ohio. He was a soldier, she was a soprano, and both were early for choir practice.

"We had nothing to do but sit around and talk and we were both smitten with each other," recalls Darren. "We were married a year later."

And the two have been singing together ever since!

Clint and Rachel

Clint and Rachel from Bangor, ME, have been marred for 40 years. They met as volunteers at a hospital in the Philippines when both were making their way through medical school.

"We love telling our grandchildren about how we were so in love with each other that out of everything we've experienced in our entire lives, we'll never forget that starry-eyed wonder when we looked in each others eyes. We still see it, too."

We see it as well.

Alan and Gwen

Gwen claims the most romantic moment between her and her husband, Alan, was the time when he she broke her leg as a senior in high school. He was the only one that not only kept visiting her and also wrote her letters to keep her company.

Alan and Gwen have now been marred for 45 years - that is all she wrote.

Dawn and Tim

Dawn met Tim about a year ago in her apartment building. Tim was the annoying neighbor upstairs who played his music too loud. She constantly kept pounding on the ceiling for him to turn it down. Until the time came that, while at home alone on Valentines Day, Dawn had no one to keep her company.

That's when Tim turned up the volume on "Nobody Till Somebody Loves You." Since he would not turn it off, so she came up to knock on the door. Then Tim gave Dawn flowers. She has since moved into his place and now turns the volume down herself.

Travis and Larisa

Travis and Larisa have been married for eight years. They first met at an Atlanta, GA, poetry reading club where each week the members would take turns reading the works of the great poets. One day Travis read a poem that nobody ever heard of before.

"I thought it was rather odd. nobody knew who it was by. Finally somebody asked him, and then he said he wrote it and that it was about me," blushed Larisa.

Way to write the romantic moment of a lifetime!