Romantic Moments -


7 Romantic Moments -

Vanessa and Juan

Vanessa and Juan in Staten Island, NY, have been married for several years. They now have a six month old daughter together. Vanessa recalls with fondness when Juan swept her off her feet.

"He was delivering packages for a flower courier, and mistakenly went to my place. When I told him they weren't for me, he said they should be," blushed Vanessa.

After that, it was all roses.

Jason and Kim

Jason met Kim on a hiking trip to the mountains in Martin's Ferry, WV, when she nearly fell into a river. Luckily, Jason was in front of her and turned to catch her just in time.

"It was the best catch he ever made," laughed Kim.

We agree. Congrats to Jason and Kim.

Marlon and Jodie

Marlon and Jodie met on a private social networking website, She reviewed pictures of his recent vacation and felt sorry for him when it appeared he went alone.

"I commented on his pictures that I was intent on making sure that would not happen again," she told "What can I say? She was right," said Marlon.

This picture is surely worth a thousand words.

Trisha and Kirby

Trisha and Kirby have been engaged for six months, now. They met last year at a 'ladies night' promotion at a local bar in St. Louis, MO.

"I walked right up to her and told her 'hey, it's ladies night - let's drink to that.' It also turns out it was my night."

We can all drink to that.


Tony and Maria

Tony met Maria at a mutual friend’s "Sopranos" TV show fan party in Orange, NJ. Both were big fans of the show, and now they're even bigger fans of each other. They have not missed an episode of the show since, or, for that matter, an episode of each other.

Congratulations on their Italian-style romantic moment.

Marissa and Hank

Marissa first bumped into Hank at an organic health food store where Hank was bagging her groceries. Marissa enjoyed his insights on organic cooking.

"I guess I flirted with him quite a bit without even realizing it," Marissa said.

However, Marissa (an attorney), did not realize Hank was just finishing law school. Then one day, he was gone from the check out lane and she didn’t realize how much she enjoyed his insights on food. Then, she ran into him in court as a lawyer. They exchanged some notes on a case and after that – their romance has been simply, er, organic.


Nancy and Pete

Nancy met Pete at work, where she was his supervisor in the accounting department. It took her only a few months before she realized his numbers were adding up much higher than she had given him credit for initially.

"We had this company picnic and both of our kids got along so well. It was then I realized we also got along so well," said Nancy.

Nancy and Pete got engaged as soon as he transferred to another department. Way to go Nancy and Pete on a great romantic moment!