Romantic Moments -


6 Romantic Moments -

Larry and Vanessa

Ever since Larry met Vanessa at a beach party in Outer Banks, NC, their romance has been one long day at the beach. Now they're engaged. Larry says for him the romantic moment was just watching Vanessa smile as she stood atop a light house.

"She was so angelic looking out to the sea. I mean, I could tell she was someone with the soul of a poet."

They keep the romance alive and re-live the magic by returning to the place where they first met and every day while enjoying the beach, sand and lighthouses.


Karen and Todd

Todd met Karen in Evansville, IN, at a yard sale. He was buying her old pinball machine. Now, they've been married for eight years. They spend most of their time nowadays caring for their little princess, Carolyn, but that does not stop them from stoking the flames of their romance. Karen recalls with a wide smile, a recent trip to Atlantic City, NJ, where after Carolyn fell asleep the couple just sat out on their balcony admiring the night life and each other.

Congratulations on making your romance a sure bet.

Keith and Lisa

Keith and Lisa like to think of their romance as one big long slumber party. They have been sleeping together now for almost ten years – literally and figuratively. Lisa says she enjoys noting more than sleeping in a Saturday morning with not a care in the world with Keith at her side.

"Those are the most romantic times," she told Romances. "You roll over and see the man you love."

We tip our romances night caps to this sleepy romance (sleepy in a good way).


Dorothy and Timothy

Dorothy met Tim at a car wash outside of Cleveland, OH. Tim dropped a whole role of quarters from the change machine and was chasing his rolling quarters over to her car. He then bumped into her car door, nearly knocking himself out.

"When I came too there was my angel," said Tim, still recalling the moment fondly after five years. "It was fate and we got married a year later.'

Congratulations on your wonderful romantic moment.

Dom and Irene

Dom and Irene have been married now for eight years and their daughter is fast approaching her fifth year.

"We have been blessed with love. When I met Irene, I just knew I couldn't live without her. I knew I would never get a chance like this again to meet a women that just completes me like she does."

That almost sounds Tom Cruise-like!

Felicia and Fred

Felicia and Fred met at a movie theater when they each showed up by themselves. The movie was a Ben Stiller film, "Something About Mary," they told us.

"I knew immediately," Felicia said, "he had my sense of humor and we enjoyed similar movies. By the end of the film, we were laughing over shared popcorn."

Now, they have been marred for 3 years. Congratulations Felicia and Fred!