Romantic Moments -


6 Romantic Moments -

Kim and Matt

Kim and Matt in Scranton, PA, have been married for five years and according to them, their romance is alive and well.

"I always had fears about the seven year itch," Matt said, "but the closer we get to seven, the closer I think we will get to our fiftieth anniversary. She is the love of my life and I feel that way everyday.”

"I couldn't agree more," added Kim. "He is the prince from my childhood. I was very lucky to get such a man."

Mark and Ellen

A romance for the ages - Bob and Anne from Virginia Beach, VA, have been married for 42 years, ever since they graduated high school together. They were the Prom King and Queen. He said the trick is living the magic of every moment and not taking each other for granted. She cites that, among the countless romantic moments, the summer of '81 when they spent it running a coffee shop in Oceanside, CA.

We congratulate these two on their incredible romance, which is still blossoming today.


Joe and Samantha

Talk about enduring romances - Joe and Samantha got engaged on the eve of his deployment to Iraq. On top of that, they discovered she was pregnant. Despite Joe's call to duty, the call to romance still thrives for them.

"I think of what Joe is part of and what he is doing," Samantha told "I can think of no greater role model for our son than to say his father is an American soldier who serves his country with pride. We miss him. We love him."

We salute Joe and Samantha on a beautiful romance amidst trying times.

Jerry and Kerry

Married for three years, Jerry recalls with fondness the most romantic time he shared with his wife.

"I got into a fight with my girlfriend at the time, who was just flirting with everyone in the bar. When I called her out on it – she doused me with a beer. After they threw her out, suddenly the bartender brought over a new one. It was from Kerry. She walked up to me and said 'I thought you could use a beer.'"

Well done, Kerry. Sometimes you can change any situation into a romantic opportunity and a memory that will last a lifetime.


Rick and Lisa

Rick says that the most romantic memory in their three years of dating occurred at an amusement park. We were up top on the Ferris wheel and the thing got stuck. So, we what else could we do but kiss?

Congratulations on reinventing the wheel, you two!



Kayla and Ken

Ken mistakenly texted a picture of himself at the beach to the wrong person. By mistyping the email, his picture went to Kayla. She liked what she saw of the tanned and toned Ken. She responded, "Cute – do I know you?" and texted a picture of herself. Ken, apparently, liked what he saw, too.

This is a wonderful romantic moment. Thumbs up on this one.