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7 Romantic Moments -

Tim and Sarah

Tim and Sarah from Salt Lake City, UT, met through an online dating service. They have been together now "in real life" for over two years now.

"The most romantic moment for me was when he found out where I worked and had flowers sent over," she said blushing. "I totally forgot I mentioned where I worked in one of our chats, but he remembered."

Good job, Tim. There is a time for going online and a time for doing something tangible to create a real memorable romantic moment. Tim can do both.

Jerry and Lisa

Jerry and Lisa in Madison, WI, have been dating now for four months. He described the most romantic evening together as the time she came over to make him chicken soup when he wasn't feeling well.

"I knew she really wanted to see me. At first, when I told her I was sick I thought she was trying to call my bluff to see if I made up a reason to get out of our date. I wasn't lying, so I told her to come over. She not only took care of my cold, she took care of the emptiness in my life."

Lisa knows that chicken soup is not only good for the soul but for creating romantic memories as well.

Duane and Linda

Duane and Linda from Memphis, TN, have been playing together in the same Christian Music group for some time now. She recalls with fondness her most cherished romantic moment.

"I left my guitar at a trip to my relatives' in Alabama," she confessed. "I had to play that weekend and wouldn't be getting the guitar back until the next week. He went out and bought me one that I had always had my eye on. Just like I had my eye on him."

Now Linda has that guitar and her man to go with it. Great moment for Duane and Linda – this is music to our ears.

Juan and Debbie

Juan and Debbie from Santa Fe have been married now for four years. They have a daughter together and recently bought their first house.

"Our most romantic moment was the night we spent in our house for the first time," Debbie told "We made like a sleepover with blankets and candles because we didn't have any furniture."

These two know how to make a romantic moment.

Jack and Gretchen

Jack and Gretchen of Roanoke, VA, have been boating and dating together now for six years. Both widowers, they met on a singles trip to Chesapeake Bay one summer.

"He said 'may I oar your boat for you'," she said, laughing. "I knew he was a ham. But, I said yes and we spent the whole day on the lake. That's when I knew this man was right me."

The lesson is row, row, row your romantic moment, just like Jack and Gretchen did.

Bill and Sue

Bill and Sue from Nashville, TN, have been married for twelve years. They have a beautiful family and many romantic moments gained over the years. Bill described his favorite romantic moment to us:

"It was our honey moon in Hawaii," he said. "We kissed during a helicopter ride to go check out some active volcanoes."

Great romantic moment Bill, one that will long be remembered.


Larry and Amy

Larry and Amy from Grand Junction, CO, meet fifteen years ago while hiking the Rocky Mountains. Amy described their romantic memory together for us:

"He sprained his ankle," she said. "I stayed back in our group with him while the others went to go for help. We talked for six hours before the group made it back and it was the best conversation I'd ever had in my life. We married a year later."

We congratulate them on a very fine romantic moment.