Romantic Moments -


8 Romantic Moments -

Corey and Shelly

Corey and Shelly form Scottsbluff, NE, love to sit back and surf the boob tube together. Corey described their most romantic memory.

"On our third date," he said, "We stayed up watching old "Friday the Thirteenth" movies. They were so corny, but we held each other through each scream as well as each laugh."

Corey used scare tactics to create a wonderful romantic moment. Hey, go with what works.

Rachel and Chad

Rachel and Chad from Minneapolis, MN, met at a mixer for singles over a year ago. They discovered they had a mutual passion for red wine.

"Our most romantic moment would be this vintage bottle of wine we shared over at my place," he said. "By the time we reached the bottom, we literally fell asleep in each others arms while watching the fire."

We congratulate them on a fine romantic memory. After all, these are the days of wine and roses.

Vinny and Jessica

Vinny and Jessica met at a naval shipyard in Jacksonville, FL. The two have been dating for two years now.

"We worked at the same place and he would simply always make me laugh," she said. "One day, he demanded I have dinner with him by using the PA system and acting like he was a captain. That was all she wrote. Our ship sailed soon after."

Vinny knows that laughter is the key to making a great romantic moment and a little boldness never fails. Aye, mate?

John and Willow

John and Willow from Hartford, CT, have been living together for over a year now. They plan to marry in another.

"The most romantic moment we have shared was this New Year's party where we both came back to my place, took our clothes off and simply feel asleep because we were both so tired," said Willow.

We discovered we both love to sleep in and love each other. Hey, there is nothing like a nice slumber with the one you care about most.

Max and Vera

Max and Vera both have green thumbs and love to garden. She shared her most romantic moment with us.

"He simply came over and weeded my garden all day," she said. "As he did, he sang me love songs. He had such a remarkable voice and passion for gardening. Later we kissed in the garden."

A secret garden can always be a place to grow great romance moments besides great vegetables and flowers.

Jerry and Mackenzie

Jerry and Mackenzie in Ithaca, NY have a passion for dogs. They met at a kennel near their respective homes.

"To me the most romantic moment is when I called him because I found a dog that had been injured," she said. "Jerry rushed over to help me get the animal to the vet. He was so caring. We did all we could. I knew this was the man for me."

We congratulate you two on a great romance moment Jerry and Mackenzie. It's enough to make any of us go "bow wow."


Caroline and Skip

Caroline and Skip work for a TV Studio in New York, NY. They have been dating now for over a year. Skip described their most romantic moment.

"She needed help filming a demo tape," Skip said. "So I stayed with her at the studio – just us, until she got it right. We spent hours together and I was captivated by her beauty."

What a prime time romantic moment they enjoyed. They surely get high ratings from us.


Carlos and Jenny

Carlos and Jenny in Chester, VA, have been dating for two years. He plans to pop the big question any day now.

"Our most romantic moment was our first date. All the power went out at the restaurant and we were in darkness with only candles to see each other," he said. "Everyone left the restaurant, but the chef said it was okay for us to stay… We closed the restaurant as we enjoyed our bottle of wine."

We congratulate them on a great romantic moment. We congratulate the chef, too, for helping to make it all happen.