Romantic Moments -


10 Romantic Moments -


Gina and Lamont

Gina and Lamont are graduate students at Duke University in North Carolina. They are studying to become historians.

"The most romantic moments about Lamont were the little surprise notes he would leave for me in my dorm.  I thought he was very romantic."

Good job, Lamont.  This is a nice romantic memory.  The rest is history.


Rick and Natalie

Rick and Natalie are engaged and plan to marry this coming spring.

"The day he proposed is a day I'll never forgot," Natalie told  "He paid a string quartet meet us at his house while he got on one knee.  It's still the most romantic day of my life.  The wedding will be even better."


We are sure it will.  Great romantic moment Natalie and Steven. 


Mike and Karen

Mike and Karen have been married for three years, they live in Boardman, OH

"The most romantic moment was the time he let me stay over.  We watched the sunrise in the morning from his back porch.  We slept all day after that – together."

Now that was surely a sunrise they'll never forget. 

Lisa and Brent

Lisa and Brent have been dating for six months now and their future is wide open. 

"Our most romantic moment was when he told me how much he despised greeting cards and how they were gimmicks and all that.  I told him I loved them," she told  "However, I had one the next day signed by Brent."


Way to recover with that great romantic moment, Brent.  The writing is on the wall - yours is a great romance. 


Carol and Dan

Dan and Carol both live and play in Milwaukee, WI.  They met at the B&B Carol owns as Dan frequents it often as a writing retreat.  Dan was staying the night when he realized he had strong feelings for the owner.  He wasn't sure, however, if she felt the same about him. 

"She left a Hershey's Kiss on my pillow," he said.  "I mentioned that I love them and she remembered."

Good romance moment, Carol. 


Tom and Marci

Tom and Marci have been dating now for eight months.  They met at club in Roanoke, VA.   He described their best romantic moment.

"We went out for Chinese food, took a walk outside and then sat on a park bench and talked about our fortunes," Tom said. 

Sounds like this is the year of Tom and Marci.  Great romantic moment. 



George and Shelly

George and Shelly have been married for over thirty years now.  Shelly recalls with fondness their most romantic moment.

"We went on a charter boat tour of the Greek Isles," George said.  "We saw a lot of antiquities, not to mention each other."  

Invariably a romantic moment for the ages.


Carl and Debbie

Car and Debbie have been dating now for over a year.  They met on a blind date in Atlanta, GA where they had planned to see a movie. 

"As soon as we started talking it was like magic," Debbie said.  "We knew we lucked out and were meant for each other. That night we decided to skip the movie and just talk outside in the movie lobby for two hours."


Well done, Carl and Debbie, on your great romantic moment that sounds worthy of the silver screen. 


Harry and Sandra

Harry and Sandra are ad executives on Madison Avenue in New York City, NY.  They've been together now for ten years. 

"He drew up an ad for me on why we belonged together," she told  "It's a picture of us sailing on a boat.  I have it hanging on my wall at home 'till this day!"

Harry drew up more than ad for Sandra, he drew up a fine romantic moment. 


Silvia and Bob

Silvia and Bob have been married for twenty five years, and they live in Silver Springs, MD. Silvia recalls their most romantic moment.

"Bob simply walked up to me and ask me to marry him in front of my class of second graders.  They all encouraged me to say yes."

Congratulations to Silvia and Bob on a great romantic moment!