Romantic Moments -


10 Romantic Moments -

Rachel and Steve

Rachel and Steve meet at a beach in Clearwater, FL. They've been dating now for two years.

"He walked up to me and simply asked if I needed help rubbing sun tan lotion on my back," she said.  "It was funny, but also very romantic the way he looked at me.  He was so serious."

Rachel and Steve truly are a day at the beach and their romance moment shows it.

Kendra and Warren

Kendra and Warren live in Cape Cod, MA.  They have been dating now for several years and plan to get married soon. 

"The most romantic thing she ever did for me was make a photo album of our first date on the Cape.  After that, I was head over heels for her," admitted Warren.

Well done, Kendra. 

Pete and Crystal

Pete and Crystal are season ticket holding Browns fans from Cleveland, OH.  Their team has sucked for so long that Pete created a cardboard box for her to wear to games.  She thought it was funny.

"We were getting pounded by the Steelers when I saw Pete come over with a box just for me," she laughed.  "We went on to watch the Browns get crushed, but it was very romantic."

Romantic, but weird. Thanks Pete and Crystal.

Bill and Vera

Long term residents of the same development plan in Springfield, IL, Bill and Vera were good neighbors.  They were both single and living alone.  It was only a matter of time before they became best friends and from there it was a short time before they were each other's romantic interests.

"Bill kept the grass nice and green at his house," Vera said.  "I was awful at that.  He knew that, so one day I come home and he was redoing my whole yard.  It was then I fell for him."

Nice romantic gesture Bill! (Very neighborly of you, too.)


Kathy and Jason

Kathy and Jason have been real estate sales professionals in the Decatur, IL, area for over ten years.  And of those ten, they've been married for three.

"I knew I had a special man when he would save some homes for me to look at.  You just don't do that for someone in this business unless you have an interest in them.  One day I arrived a house that already had the sold sign on it.  He said he bought it for us.  He was half joking.  I moved in a few months later."

Congratulations Kathy and Jason on closing their romantic deal. 


Gretchen and Mike

Gretchen and Mike had always been great work friends at their office in Cincinnati, OH.  Now, they've been married for over six years and recall with fondness their greatest romantic moment.

"I was going through a divorce at the time and Mike offered me a place to stay and any help I needed.  I thought that was a very romantic gesture on his part."

Mike knew how to play her "damsel in distress card" to a tee.  Nice romantic moment. 


Tom and Francine

Nearly inseparable ever since they met at a wedding three years ago, Tom and Francine are rarely seen apart in Pittsburgh, PA.

"The most romantic thing he's ever done for me was to actually lay his coat down in a puddle of water – for real," she told  "He was going to get rid of it anyway (the coat), but it was a sweet gesture nonetheless."


Tom tapped into a little old-world chivalry to create their special romantic moment. Chivalry is not dead.


Haywood and Brenda

Married for two years now and living in Washington, DC, Brenda recalls with fondness her most romantic moment with husband, Haywood.

"He runs an auto body repair shop.  I took my car in for some work and there was a rose in the car and a note asking if I would drive the car with him Saturday night – to the movies and for some drinks."

Nice touch, Haywood, and nice romantic moment. 


Rick and Rochelle

Together now for three years, Rick finally proposed to Rochelle two months ago.  She describes it as the most romantic moment for them yet.

"We were on vacation sailing in the Caribbean when he popped the big question," she told

Rick knows that a great setting is key to creating an unforgettable romantic moment. Well done, Rick.


Peter and Lori

Peter and Lori met a few years back while backpacking in Colorado.  She described their most romantic moment for

"I had dropped my cell phone and Peter found it – about twenty miles away," she said.  "He caught up with me and gave it back.  He then programmed his name in my cell phone and told me to call him."

Kudos to Peter on making an opportune romantic moment.