Romantic Moments -


6 Romantic Moments -

John and Stacy

John and Stacy from Flagstaff, AZ, have been dating steadily for almost a year now. Stacy describes the romantic moment that won her over in vivid detail:

"I got stuck in the rain and it was really coming down hard," she told "Then, out of nowhere here comes this cute guy taking off his windbreaker and holding it over my head until we both took refuge inside a bookstore. We had coffee, almond biscotti and have been together ever since."

Well done, John. You seized the romantic moment as well as a choice pastry!

Bob and Kathy

Bob and Kathy from Boston, MA, have been dating for close to a year. He says the most romantic evening they ever spent was a weekend getaway they took to Cape Cod. Both are writers, so they decided to attend a writer's workshop.

"That weekend on the Cape will forever be remembered," Bob said. "I couldn't tell you the first thing about the workshop, but I can tell you that walking along the sandy Cape with Kathy was unforgettable."

We wonder if the romance begin on a dark and stormy night…

Greg and Rachel

Greg and Rachel from Lincoln, NE, met on a personals site. They have been going strong now for over three years. Rachel recalls with glowing fondness the time she become smitten with him over the Net.

"We were having online chatting and it was the typical stuff – like what do you like to eat, what do you look like, etc..." Rachel told "However, we got on the subject of child custody somehow and he gave me so much straightforward wonderful advice. That may not sound romantic – but he was helping me through a tough time with my Ex. We learned we had a lot in common that night. We still do."


These two used the the Internet as a tool to find true romance. They are proof it is possible.



Tim and Jessica

Tim and Jessica in Elgin, IL, have been dating now for nine months. She described the most romantic time with him on their first date. They were supposed to attend a double date with some friends, but the other couple got in a fight and bailed out at the last moment. But, the two of them went anyway, and the rest was history.

"We went to a quiet, shady restaurant for dinner and simply talked the whole night," recalls Jessica fondly. "He was such a gentleman and made me feel like I was royalty. I knew I wanted to be treated like that again. We even shared a laugh or two at our friend's expense."

We commend them on their special romance moment.

Todd and Marissa

Todd and Marissa from Milwaukee, WI, met when she called the local electrician to come put some new fixtures in her kitchen. That local electrician was Todd.

"I remember he was in the kitchen fixing something, when suddenly I just broke down," she told "You see, my father had recently passed away and it was still tough to deal with for me. As Todd was working, he heard me crying and came into the living room and gave me a hug. That was it for me. I could have married him then and there."


Now Todd is not just replacing her fixtures, he has become one. Kudos to them for sharing their great romance moment.


Steve and Carolyn

Steve and Carolyn from Vermont have been dating for over a year now. He cites the most romantic moment as the time they first met, in Paris. Both were on a business trip for competing companies. They discovered at the industry conference that they were both widows and from the same area. Was it coincidence or fate? So, they dined together and spent some breathtaking moments staring out from the Eiffel Tower making wishes like they were love struck teenagers. From, there it has been one long romance ever since.

Congratulations, Steve and Carolyn, on a most worldly romantic moment!