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For Her - Don't kiss and tell

Okay, if you do hook up, don't tell the whole world about it. You both have privacy that should be respected. If friends start talking then you may as well have shouted it with a bull horn.

For him - Don't brag

Guys, if you should be so lucky to be dating a super hot commodity, don't spread it all over town. It will get back to her and she probably won't appreciate it. It seems that only those who are not used to success brag about it. Because those who are used to it are comfortable enough without.


For both - Don't believe rumors

Rumors may or may not be true, and could be somewhere in between. Don't make any judgments on second hand info. If you hear your new date is using you for something, find out for yourself. Someone else may not want you two to work out because of their own agenda. So be sure to be wary of what you hear and whom you tell.


For him - Make her a priority

If you really like her, ditch the beer buddies and make sure she is aware of it. Sometimes you will get resistance, like your friends all saying how you've changed. Of course you've changed - don't they realize you're no longer single?




For her - Be responsive and accessible

Don't torture your new guy. Make sure to answer the phone when he calls. Don't make him wait unnecessarily. Be accessible. Trust us - he'll appreciate it.


For both - Communicate what you like

If you don't like to go to plays and your new date loves them, you'd better sort that out soon. Your date may be pegging you as someone who would like to regularly attend plays. You don't have to like the same stuff, but on occasion you will have to put up with what your date is passionate about. By communicating these types of things, you will avoid headaches down the road.




For him - Don't be passive

Don't wait for things to happen on your date. Be proactive and make things happen. Women don't like passive men, they like the ones that assert themselves. So, when you are on a date make the most of it. Time will go by faster than you think.


For both - Know yourself

Know what you are willing to do on a date and what you are not. This covers everything from the restaurants you are willing to dine at and what you are willing to do in terms of physical intimacy when (and if) the time comes. Having a firm understanding of each of your limits makes for a great dating.



For both - Be comfortable with yourself

Never pretend to be somebody you are not, no matter how much you like this new person. It is all on borrowed time if they think you are somebody you are not. You will always be at your best, when you are being your true self. Don't change your personality just because you are on a date.


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