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For him – Close your eyes
when you kiss

An oft overlooked 'faux pau' is not closing your eyes when you kiss. When you lip smack, keep your eyes closed. If she takes a peek and you are staring at her with your eyes ready to pop out of her head, you will look like an amateur. And you don't want that.



For him – Don’t act too hard

Most girls don't like wimpy guys, but don't act like a hard-ass most of the time, either. Manners still go a long way with a woman. She needs to know you are a gentleman, too.


For both – Don't be jealous

Jealously is awful in relationships and just might be your biggest initial hurdle, especially when you are in the puppy love stage. Be confident and trustful of the person you are dating and you will likely get the same in return.



For her – Ask him out

Don't wait around forever for this guy to ask you out. If you really want to go out with him, just ask him instead. Just say "why don't we go to the movies this weekend?" and see what he says. You might just be surprised.

For her – Drop hints

If you want a man to do something like ask you out, you can drop hints like, "I would love to go see that new show next week." If he misses these clues, well he is clueless. But, today, it is not uncommon for girls to take the first step. Hints work well to prod the clueless man along.




For him – Just ask her out, for crying out loud!

Don't wait forever to ask out the girl of your dreams (if you know who that person is). She won't stay free forever. Take the chance and ask her out now. There is no time like the present to create your romance of the future.


For both – Get tested

It is a good idea to make sure you are free and clear of any STDs before you seriously start dating anyone. At the very least, make sure you have an annual physical and are alerted to any potential health problems beforehand. You never want to spring things like this on anybody. For your sake and also your date's, get checked out.



For him – Have a firm handshake

When you first meet, you need to be confident and shake her hand firmly – just like you would any client. In fact, if it helps, in your mind, treat her like a client so you keep that professionalism going. Was it a successful meeting? You tell us – did you close the deal with a kiss?


For her - Practice kissing

Nothing turns a guy off worse than an awkward kiss. Hey, he doesn't want to be kissing his sister when it is time to say goodnight. Rehearse your pucker if you must, but be sure you know how to plant a good one if you want to keep him. This will be the signature moment of the first date. If all goes well, at least give him one on the cheek and a brief hug. This should carry things over to the next date.



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