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For both – Don't interrupt each other

When you are on a date and the other is talking, it is incredibly freaking important to actually listen. Far too often many of us have a tendency to run our yappers or tune out the special person we are with. This is not the way to go. Stick a cork in it and let the other finish what they are saying. Believe us: Taking a minute from the ball game or a second from "Grey's Anatomy" will not change the outcome of either. However, it could change the outcome of your date! So take a minute and listen to each other.


For her – Don't talk about forever

Whatever you do – don't scare your man away from a follow up date with incessant talk of "we'll be together forever" and all associated kinds of sappy talk. This will make him run faster than anything. Men like to have freedom, or at least the illusion of freedom. So try to give him that at least. You will, however, will know the truth.




For him – Dress nicely for her

Women communicate via clothing - never underestimate how important clothing is to women. You don't have to be a pretty boy, but when you dress well, you will be that much more 'in' with the lady folk. The idea is develop a little consistency and she will come to see that you can not only present yourself, but present her as well. This means a lot to a girl.


For her – Try different perfumes

A little variety always helps. So, change up things once in a while and wear some different perfumes to show him that you can throw him a curve ball every now and then. This shows that you are dynamic and not predictable both great qualities to have when dating. After all, variety is the spice of life.



For him – Get a female to shop for you

If you have a hot date and need in a wardrobe update, don't trust your own instincts. There are reasons you look like you do. Now is the time to seek a totally different opinion on how you should present yourself. Call up a sister or trusted female friend and ask them to set you straight about what you should wear. Remember, women dress for each other, not men. They will no how to accessorize you.


For him – Present yourself a child's father

A good rule of thumb is to present yourself like you might one day be the father of her child. Sooner or later, the thought will cross her mind and if you fit that image, then you're in. If you instead, conjure up images of that guy, the starter marriage that shouldn't have happened, well, you'll have a hard chance getting a second date. In some sense, you are destined to be married by the third date or not. This is provided you are interested that kind of serious step. Some are, some aren't.



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