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For him – Say her name often

You want to be remembered and you need her to know you remember her - do this by constantly saying her name. Don't just say, "would you like a glass of wine?" Say, "would you like a glass of wine, Susan?" This is the key... so long as her name is Susan.


For him – Be her friend

All the web sites out there that say you can't be her friend are full of it. Women tend to have flocks of friends - there is no reason that once you become one of them, you can't escalate that friendship into something greater. Plus, she may open the door to her other friends, too, if she really, really just wants to be friends. The bottom line is you can never have too many friends. If anything, another friend improves your "in demand" factor.

For him – Let her help

Don't be too protective about your social expectation, which might urge you to provide for your woman's every needs. This is not our father's dating game and the old myth that man has to provide and guide everything went dull somewhere back in the 90's. It is okay if you, as the big burly man, need help from your dating partner. So don't be ashamed if she teaches you a few things in Photoshop that you never knew about. Let them help at all times. Who knows, she may be able to teach you a thing or two in other areas of your life as well.


For her – Be a degree!

It is best to have an open mind while dating. If your man is a little odd about something, well, it can't hurt to see how weird he might actually be. At first be willing to give people the benefit of the doubt. After all, we all have our idiosyncrasies and that is what makes us appealing. You will know when weird is just plain weird. Your weirdo detector will hit the ceiling and your instincts will tell you to nip this romance in the bud.

For both –Develop trust

A great foundation for dating is establishing a rock solid foundation of trust. If this fails to develop, it is sayonara baby. To do so, you need both patience and willingness to learn together. Trust begins by holding true to your dating commitments and to do things you have agreed to. Then your trust can grow and who knows where it will take both of you. So if you tell her you will pick up her dirty laundry, do it - don't blow it off. Likewise, if you tell him you will go to the football tailgate, you best mean it.


For him – Wear pullovers

Here is a little trick that works like a charm. Wear something loose and fluffy like a fleece pullover and women will have a natural tendency to want to hug you and cuddle up with you like you are their own special Vermont Teddy. So, keep that in mind, if you look like a comfy blanket she will want to get comfy. If you look unmade, she may want a different bed altogether.

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