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For her – Show you are interested

It is okay to be passive and make him work for it, but don't totally shut him out. After all, you need to throw a dog a bone every so often. So, when you think he might really be wondering how he is doing, smile or touch him lightly. Then you can go back to your passive self if you must.

Get Sexy

Let us take a look at what this guy does wrong when he contemplates going out on a date.  He is a computer nerd, dresses like one, acts like one and surrounded by nothing that could remotely be called sexy.  From the wires in his office to the tie around his neck - he is the definition of a nerd. 

His problems are too numerous to mention, but he needs to make his job more sexy and definitely seek out the advice of someone that knows what the hell they are doing when it comes to fashion.  He can do this by avoiding the work place conversations and paying attention to his clothes.




For Her - Let him lead

Yes, many men are clueless when it comes to dating. But, even if you find yourself with a man that needs the guidance, you have to let him feel like he is taking the lead.  It is more of a confidence thing and it will help his and your chances for a successful date.  So, don't be too eager to show the way.  Let him think he is doing it all on his own. 

After all, it takes two to tango. 

For Both - Be Playful

A hallmark of a great date is the mutual assertion that both you and he had a fun playful time.  This is something you can cultivate by encouraging little playful games like footsies under the table or at a restaurant or whatever.  Playful touch is a great way to start building some mutual sexual tension, too.  The romantic possibilities are endless and so should your ability to be playful.  Be playful with her and your dating success will be playful with you.   


For Her - Lean on him

If you really like him, lean on him every so often.  This will send a very powerful signal that you are safe with him and that the dating is going well. This tells him you are very secure and comfortable around him and he will feel very manly because of your comfort.  Leaning is also a natural prelude to more sensual and romantic endeavors.  Get comfortable leaning and you will get comfortable with each other.  This is the essence of great dating and can be a subtle prelude to a kiss. 

Get Some Sleep

Far too often we see men and women going out on that critical first date and they are sleep deprived.  Perhaps they were up all night browsing adult sites in anticipation of finally meeting someone that didn't want a no strings attached relationship.  If you are so lucky to go out on a date, make sure you are rested and not beat looking or looking like this guy.  Be rested and you dating will show it.

Check the weather
before you head out

Don't be a complete nimrod when it comes to dating and plan an outdoor activity, such as a walk in a nice park, when the local "goof on the roof" or "Meteorological Mark" or whatever idiot on your local news is calling for torrential downpours.  Women have a thing for keeping their hair nice, so the best opportunity to get cozy isn't under the umbrella.  The point is: Check the weather before you head out. 


Don't be slow

Don't always be playing catch-up on your date.  That is, know the pace of the person you are dating.  If you really dig them, you owe it to yourself to stay a step ahead of the game and not be languishing behind it.  After all, the tortoise may eventually win the race over the hare, but not when dating.  You have to move fast and keep up. 

Need an example?  Get in front of her when it comes time to opening a door.  Or, give him a piece of paper when he is getting his pen?  Show you care about each other.  Pick up and keep the dating pace.

Act Interested

Say you go to a movie and it is surely something you only have agreed to go see because you want to continue dating this guy or gal. Well, if he makes you sit through the gore fest film, "300" or she makes you sit through anything with Jennifer Aniston, then the worst transgression you can make is to act profoundly bored.  Our dating tip is to project the next stage of the evening and think about what you want to do or say when said boring activity is a thing of the past. Acting bored because of anything on a date is a date killer. Unless of course, you are bored with him or her.   



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