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For both - Get some new clothes

Nothing gets you more ready for the dating scene than some new digs. Hey, you deserve it. Go spend some of that money and get a new wardrobe. You will be glad you did. New clothes can help you build your confidence as a new person out on the dating scene. The idea of dating is to turn over a new leaf - so in that spirit, include your wardrobe.


For her - Avoid substance abusers

It is very difficult to have sustained a relationship with a pot smoker - they will be too laid back and always late. That is the best case scenario - hard core drug users might even be delusional, suicidal and violent. Avoid them at all costs. If you have a drug problem, don't seek out a drug partner when dating. You will just make both of you more miserable and tragic. Kick the habit, get some help and then get on with your dating life.

For him - Don't totally
lie on your online profile

Nothing is more frustrating to a gal than to meet someone online that has totally lied about what they look like and what they do. You may think they liked you online, so why not now? Some of you may have pretended to be someone you're not and then wondered why they wouldn't return your calls/emails after meeting you in person. The shocking truth is that it is because you lied on your online profile. Don't lie. Be honest and truthful and though it may make online dating more difficult initially - it will make it easier once you actually meet.


For both - Make some dating "goals"

We don't want to take the fun out of dating, but it does help to know what you really want. Do you want to be married in two years? Do you want to have kids? Or, do you simply want a "friends with benefits" type of deal? Hey, you need to know so you know what to look for.

For him - Prepare for failures

Just when you think it went well, she tells you that you are the biggest asshole she has ever met. Don't despair. Dating is not easy, though it can and should be fun and rewarding. However, along the way, you will likely get some bogus numbers or get flat out dissed in some ways that might hurt. You just have to keep moving along. You will strike out a few times, but it will all be forgotten when you finally hit the walk off homer.

For both - Be realistic and look for complimentary partners

Don't try to date someone clearly out of your league. Well, give it shot if you must, but your best chances for true happiness lie not with someone exactly like you or totally different, but rather complimentary. In other words, if you are talkative and they are quiet but you both love music - you may find harmony as you will both compliment each other. If you are a bagger at a grocery store and they are a stock broker, ain't gonna work.

For both - Join clubs, societies, and gyms

To increase your dating chances, join as many clubs, groups and gyms as you can. The more you get out, the more you will increase your odds of finding a dating partner that is complimentary to your needs. Plus, you just may learn a thing or do and kill two birds with one stone by volunteering to make a contribution while helping your dating chances, too.


For her - Don't give it away to soon

There is always the danger of peaking too soon, so save sex for special occasions when it is warranted and the right time. Don't let a night get away from you for a quick hook up, just because it seemed like the thing to do in the spirit of the moment. All too often this will kill the relationship and make dating awkward in the future. Save it for later, if you want this dating to go the distance and turn into something greater than a hook up.


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