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For Him - Don't be a crybaby

Women simply hate a man that is always moping about something or another. Yes, indeed, life can be tough and it may be you have serious things going on in life that need working out. Well, work them out without involving her – if you want the best chance to continue dating. She is looking to you for respite from life’s woes, not to have more of them.



For Both - Get in good with the parents

It always helps when Mom and Dad like you as much as their little one does. So, when you do get a chance to meet them, try to impress them as much as you do your date. Parents love encouraging their children to stick with the winners. Take full advantage of this fact and be a good friend to Mom and Dad (just don't let them hit on you).

For Him - Have a life plan

When women talk to you, have a plan about what you want to do in life. You are not in High School anymore! She may ask where you see yourself in ten years. If you stutter and have no idea, then that is bad, buddy. You will seem like an aimless drifter (and you probably are). The great thing is this: a good long term plan will help make up for, or at least explain, your lack of a job. If you work nights part time schlepping pizzas from the back of your Plymouth Horizon – don’t even mention it. That doesn't make a living, that’s just something you are doing right now.



For Him - Be quirky

Women love a man that can be a little on the quirky side and a good way to do this is simply be seen with something that is normally not you – like a teddy bear. Keep it in the car and when she sees it, tell her you were cleaning stuff out of your parent’s house and are meaning to drop it off at the thrift store. The connection will be undeniable. This makes her think of you more like that teddy bear.

For Him - Dance

Women love men that are no stranger to the dance floor. Now you don’t have to be a pro, but don’t be a goof either. Take some classes at your local community college or look them up in the paper. If you are single, you might even meet some dating partners this way. Remember, it takes two to tango. It only takes your hand to go solo and you are sick of that, right? So, tango!



For Her - Provide some info

Don’t be totally inaccessible or opaque to your new man. When he asks questions, give him some answers. For instance, always clear the air with him if you have another boyfriend or just so happen to have a little marriage thing going on. That would be nice information to have in case he happens to belong to the same gun club. Let your man know you are free and clear and ready for the dating scene.


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